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Amazing Elephant Ecotourism Here in Phuket

Baan Chang Hai Elephant lovers provide elephant ecotourism in Phuket, Thailand. The activity is also feeding the elephants, walk with, and observe our beautiful elephants as they roam throughout our jungle rainforest, socialize, bathe and clean the elephant naturally in our water pool. Our home is surrounding by the jungle where is a natural habitant of elephants. Load of food and water are provided for our elephants with care as they are a member of our family. Our elephants are well treated with you can see their healthy body and happiness.

Elephants Experience Tour

Elephant s experience ture areallowed you to step up to elephants by living with them and look after them as the elephants carers and working with local elephant keeper and local community.

Freelanced Elephants living place

Here is the palce that elephants can live and walking freelancely with are living together with thier family. All the babe elephants were born here and live here with thier herd and people.

Live in Natural

Our lovely elephant kive in natural habitat in the jungle with in the rain forest. Lots of food, frest fruits, water are provided and we have elephant veterinary to look after thier health.

Traditional living with elephants.

Even riding elephant is no harm to elephants (see in the elephant fact) however we would like to let our elephant live traditionally with our elephant keeper as in the thai culture, you will learn how to live closely with the elephant, live togeter and work togeter as a family.

We are
an elephant lovers

Living close with our elephant as a family

Our Work

What we do


As our elephants home is a local elephant keeper, we live with elephnats as we were born and live together in the local in natural way. The way we live is the way to conserve the elpehants, we take care and look after them all with finding a good natural habbitat for they live.

Natural Learning home

Here our elephants home is the place to lean how to live with elephants in natural and traditional way in the natural habitat and local living.

Make people love elephants and animals

Our home let people come to join our home teach and allow the people to live with the elephant and take care all of then. We beleieve that if the people live and stay closely to elephant and animal, the people will feeling love and will kindenss to the elpehnats and the animals


Free Trasportation round trip transfer from Kamala Beach, Surin, Bangtao, Patong, Karon and Kata beach.

Lovers 1 : 1,800 Baht/p

Impressive with our amazing elephants, touching, hugs, kissing and playing with them. Feeding and take pictures and walk along with our well treated elephants in private beach.

Price is 1,800 Baht/Person for 30 mins.


Lovers 2 : 2,500 Baht/p

Living with our lovely elephant including many activities as feeding, observing and walking along in private beach with well treated elephants then back to bath and shower them in the Andaman sea. Price is 2,500 Bath/Person in 60 mins.


Lovers 3 : 1,800 Baht/p

Lelax & enjoy with our amazing elephants. Touching elephant canny, play and feeding, and bathing and shower with our elephants in the private beach in Andaman Sea. Price is 1,800 Bath/Person in 30 mins.




Excellent close encounter with the elephants

It is situated in Kamala (top of a hill with terrific view) and they send pick up (and drop off) tuk tuk type of transport from hotel. The elephants are not chained and are gathered in a place (snacking). We took the 30min ride - an interesting experience - have our bare food on the elephant . The place looks clean as well "Bubugala ZH, 08/27/2017". more detail click here

Amazing Experience

We chose option 2 and we loved it. We were promptly picked up and taken there. It was about 30mins away from Karin. The elephants had no chains or no hooks were used. They pretty much followed commands and were also fed as encouragement. The Elephant handler was friendly and took lots of photos for us. This is a once in a lifetime amazing experience. "RenS1975 11/07/2017" More detail.

Elephant Facts




Riding is no harm to elephants

The research about ridding elephant is no harm and not to injure the elephant more detail click here




No reccord of elephants has injured or die from tourist ride on thier back or trekking

The news interview forum by Veterinary Preeda Plungkam the director of Elephant Hospital of Thailand and Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation More detail.

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